Business Solutions Professional Training

Business Solutions Professional training informs you about the vast array of business and economic-related assets available that most employers (your customers) are not aware of.

Expand your knowledge-base, as well as your professional network.

Add value to your customers by tapping in to an extensive network of assets and expertise.

You will be in the same room as:

  • Workforce development professionals
  • Economic developers
  • State / federal employees
  • Chamber of Commerce representatives
  • Education and training professionals
  • Nonprofit representatives
  • and more!

As a BSP you will learn to connect your customer to a network of business and economic assets that will add value to them, and to the relationship you’ve already created.

What Does A BSP Do?

As a Business Solutions Professional, you will not only bring your existing services to your customer, but additionally, a newfound level of knowledge and expertise.

The customer may call you about one thing but hang up with answers to other issues you addressed that will save them time, make them money and grow awareness, because they spoke to you.

You will better understand how to connect your customer with assets and resources available throughout the community, region or state, such as:

  • Training grants
  • Business consultation
  • Tax-related incentives
  • Lean or Six-Sigma
  • Education programs
Enhance the role you play with your customers and in your community!

Why Become a BSP?

Become the hub in a network you may not have known even existed, add value to your customers, and begin to play a more strategic role in your community.

Your active network will include representatives from local, regional and state-level agencies and groups and you will bring these resources to your customer’s table.

You will become the single point of contact for your customer, the one phone call that will address their business needs.

Who Can Become a BSP?

From CEOs to front line staff, regardless of industry, anyone who finds themselves in front of a customer, internal or external, will find lasting value in BSP training.

More to the point, your customers will find increasing value in your relationship.


“Now I view myself as a problem solver and someone who can make an employer’s work easier by making connections for them.”
George Pulos, Business Services Representative, Ottawa County Michigan Works!

“BSP training has led to increased business relationships in the region and greater customer satisfaction. I highly recommend you consider Business Solutions Professional training for your team.”
Kristen Wenzel, Director of Business Services and Community Relations,  Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!

“The BSP approach affords me to have a team of professionals with a variety of skill sets and resources readily available. I am the first person [my customers] call knowing that if I do not have the answer I will connect them with someone who does. The BSP approach is a streamlined and holistic approach to serving the businesses in Michigan.”
Marlene Brostrom, Business Services Representative, Ottawa County Michigan Works!

“The BSP process has helped us identify employers’ needs, develop solutions and implement them. Many times we can't fix an issue, but we can bring resources to the table. I would highly recommend this training to any professional.”
Terry Basel, Business Services Coordinator, Northeast Michigan Consortium