The Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) helps job providers connect their team members with targeted, high-quality training.

The STTF works with job providers to determine which skills are essential for growing staff capacity and business models. We create new opportunities which lead to:

  • Growth of local prosperity
  • Economic boost for families and communities across Michigan
  • Support of new innovations
  • Increased long-term productivity
  • Added jobs

In many instances the STTF has made the difference between job expansion and layoff, protecting families and keeping communities strong.

Tailored to job providers

As businesses with talent recruitment and training needs are identified—usually through a local Michigan Works! Agency, partner, community college, or other policy leader—they become part of an exciting, completely customized planning and design process.

Rapid Results

Once funding is approved, project activities happen very quickly. Training is completed as soon as possible, ideally 4–6 weeks after the award is made.

The Association

The Michigan Works! Association was established in 1987 to provide services and support to Michigan’s workforce development system. Through the association, members can access timely, relevant professional development opportunities and ensure high-quality programs for all customers.

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The System

The Michigan Works! system is the first unified workforce development system in the U.S. and is an integral partner in developing Michigan’s economic future. The system is demand driven, locally responsive, and ready to meet the needs of each community. Every year, the Michigan Works! system serves nearly four million customers.

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History Of Innovation

A visionary process that spanned several decades, covering both Democratic and Republican administrations, culminated in 1996 with the creation of the Michigan Works! system— the first statewide, unified workforce development system in the country. Today, the Michigan Works! system serves as a model to other states and countries and has been emulated based on its widespread and long-standing success.