Handling Hostile Customers: Verbal Threats to Active Shooter Situations

For most people, being unemployed - or underemployed - represents a personal as well as an economic crisis. It can engender feelings of panic, helplessness, failure, depression, financial uncertainty and loss of control.

Emotional stressors like these can lead to angry, violent behavior.

Recognizing escalating violent behavior and knowing how to verbally de-escalate a potentially dangerous encounter are necessary skills to ensure your workplace safety and that of your other clients.

This one day workshop will provide the groundwork to carry out a plan for recognizing and de-escalating hostile scenarios, up to and including active shooter situations.

Key Takeaways
  • Understanding the stress of job loss, transition, re-training and re-employment
  • Recognizing the risks of victimization in work settings
  • Avoiding victimization through situational awareness
  • Identifying behavioral indicators of aggression
  • Developing a survival mentality
  • Choosing your personal safety strategy
  • Managing an active shooter situation
Who Should Attend
  • Directors
  • Management Staff
  • Job Seeker Staff
  • Career Planning Professionals
  • Health and Human Services Staff
  • Government Staff
  • Unemployment Insurance Agency Staff
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • ANYONE who works with the public

$120 member; $158 non-member

Date / Location

March 21, 2017

Registration: 8:30 - 9:00
Training: 9:00 – 4:00

Southeast Michigan Community Alliance
25363 Eureka Road
Taylor, MI 48180



Dr. Kenneth L. Wolf consults on Workplace Violence Prevention, Active Shooter Survival, Behavioral Threat Management, Protective Intelligence, Crisis Management and Response Strategies. He is a fully licensed clinical psychologist in Michigan and is the Managing Partner of the Incident Management Team (IMT) with affiliates worldwide.



Marilyn Knight, M.S.W. is the President/CEO of the Incident Management Team (IMT), an international Crisis Management, Security and Violence Prevention consulting company. As a lecturer and trainer in the areas of Workplace Violence Prevention, Crisis Response and Organizational Change, she has presented at over 400 conferences and seminars in North America, South America, Europe, Hong Kong, China, and Asia.