Meet Stephanie

Stephanie found success through

Capital Area Michigan Works!

When Stephanie relocated to Michigan from Virginia she was told she wouldn’t be able to find a job in this state. However, she quickly landed three job offers and selected a small business where she could utilize her design skills in the automotive manufacturing industry creating automation controls. Due to the recession, she was laid off after just two years.

In order to acquire additional technical skills and become marketable, she knew she needed to return to school.

Stephanie visited Capital Area Michigan Works! to receive help in obtaining a computer programmer analyst associate’s degree through Lansing Community College (LCC), a degree that would complement her current skills and previous experience.

Stephanie spent a year and a half working part-time jobs and attending LCC. Though it was a heavy financial burden on the family, her family supported her and she looks back on that time as being a good experience for her three sons and nephew to learn from.

While still attending LCC, Stephanie’s case manager connected her with Dewpoint, a local IT company. Because of her strong design background, education in computer programming and her business savvy skills, Dewpoint hired Stephanie as a technical writer.

Stephanie loves working for Dewpoint stating, “I really believe the work we do will make our community a better place. It’s very rewarding.”

In the next couple years, Stephanie sees herself becoming a business analyst and project manager with Dewpoint.