Trelleborg Vibracoustic

Trelleborg Vibracoustic found success through

ThumbWorks!, A Michigan Works! Agency

Trelleborg Vibracoustic initially contacted ThumbWorks! Business Services for ideas to improve their interviewing process. They were having trouble finding qualified candidates and experiencing a high turnover rate among newly hired employees.

During the first meeting, the human resources manager at Trelleborg requested that ThumbWorks! conduct the job interview and a skill assessment.

Together, a finalized list of interview questions and manual dexterity/following directions test were established. ThumbWorks! Business Services additionally coordinated applicants to interview.

Two days of interviews were conducted and Trelleborg hiried nearly 50 people.

ThumbWorks! Business Services team was able to streamline the interviewing process for the company,  increasing the productivity. Additionally, Trelleborg’s  new hire turnover rate has been reduced to almost zero.

Trelleborg is very satisfied with the results, and will continue to utilize ThumbWorks! Business Services each time they have positions to fill.