The System

The Michigan Works! system is on the front lines, meeting the talent demands of local employers and responding to the unique needs of each community. The system is made up of regional Michigan Works! agencies that are focused on the needs of job makers and developing talent for the 21st century economy.

While each agency is unique, all share several fundamental qualities. They are:

  • Locally responsive and demand-driven
  • Governed by a Workforce Development Board comprised of private sector representatives and locally-elected officials
  • Delivering services that help businesses find the skilled workers they need and provide a competitive advantage for job seekers

Michigan Works! partners with communities to meet the diverse needs of all customers. All ages, skill sets and levels of experience are welcome. Connect with us to learn how we can support you—call 1-800-285-WORKS (9675), to be automatically routed to the nearest Michigan Works! service center.