Questions & Answers

2020 Michigan Works! System Strategic Branding Questions and Answers

Q:  Beyond potential partner background information (including expertise, rates and references), are you also looking for details regarding pricing for specific mediums we would use to communicate a new campaign?
A:  At this point, we have not determined a budget.  We haven’t yet determined what types of mediums we may want to use, so we are looking for both levels of services and a menu of pricing.  If you could provide a range or estimate that would be helpful.
Q:  You ask for analysis of the current efforts and existing creative elements and design. Is there any existing research on the current work?
A:  I don't believe there is any existing research.  This is the first time we have made the effort to do a system-wide branding.  Each Michigan Works! office is independently run and operated.  While they all do the same work, each approach it a bit differently.     
Q:  Would you be able to help with the logistics/scheduling of the 16 Michigan Works! representatives into their respective focus group(s)?
A:  Yes, I would be able to work with my communications counterparts at the MW offices to assist with that.   
Q:  What are key measures of success for this initiative given that you would like for us to measure it on an ongoing basis?
A:  The biggest hurdle the MWs face is that everyone believes they are the unemployment office -- and they are NOT.  This is an exercise in trying to differentiate themselves from unemployment so that people understand they are here to assist Michigan residents find new careers/jobs; help them find training/apprenticeships/etc.; assist employers with their staffing needs.  While they assist people who are unemployed, they do not handle unemployment claims.  It is a big sticking point for them and has been for a long time.  The current situation is making that even more difficult.  If you can find a way to measure that that view of the MWs has changed that would be the most helpful thing you could do.
Q:  Can you clarify if part of the scope is to test the proposed new branding?
A:  I don't know that the branding would need to be tested.  It will need to be agreed upon by all 16 of the MW agencies.   

Q:  For current and/or new work testing, how would you define key audiences beyond the participating agencies? Do you have means of helping us to recruit them (e.g, email lists, contact information)? 
A:  The key audiences would be jobseekers and MI employers who look to Michigan Works! to assist them with their talent needs.

Q:  With award around July 1, when ideally would you like the new branding campaign to be implemented?
A:  I don't believe they have a specific time frame in mind other than to say as quickly as possible.  The MWs are already trying to plan for when the economy opens back up and how they can help MI residents get back into the workforce.

Q:  What is the preferred timeline for the Strategic Plan Development? Is there a certain date by which you'd like this process completed, or a time frame such as within 12 weeks? These will be helpful in outlining both scope and cost.
A:  The group hasn't yet discussed a specific timeline, so I don't have a definitive answer to this question. 

Q:  Who is the final "decision maker" as it relates to the system brand messaging and visuals: the Association staff, or the directors?
A:  The directors will be the final decision maker.

Q:  Who will be responsible for developing buy-in/relationship management if a director/directors cannot be brought to a consensus on direction for the plan and brand?
A:  CEO of the MI Works! Association

Q:  Can you please outline budget ranges for the Strategic Plan Development and Creative/Development of Brand? These will be essential in providing a proposal that outlines the appropriate scope for the budget. We always like to say we could give you a $3,000 idea, a $30,000 idea or a $300,000 idea that all fit the same RFP criteria.
A:  There has been no discussion of budget on this so I don't have a scope for you.

Q:  What is your target monthly budget for implementation?
A:  There has been no discussion of budget for this project so I don't have a target monthly budget recommendation for you.